The "Do it Yourself" solution to SEO

The Fill in the Blank Search Engine Optimization Workbook

Getting to the first page of the search results just got easier with the "Fill in the Blank Search Engine Optimization Workbook", by Michael E. Pipkins.

This clever SEO book not only guides you Step by Step through the SEO maze, but also records your results along the way.

By filling in the blanks in this workbook you will learn how to optimize your website for better (or even First Page) Search Results for the terms your customers are using.

Take your website to the next level with the easy to use, Search Engine Optimization Workbook.

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    SEO Workbook Features

    checkmarkAnalyze Your Competitors. Learn and Record what your competitors are doing for SEO. Learn how they get traffic, then beat them at their own game.
    checkmarkProfile Your Customer. Learn what makes your customer tick, how to reach them and then close the deal by appealing to their persona.
    checkmarkFind the Right Keywords. You will Learn and Record the Keywords that your customers are using so that you can give them what they want.
    checkmarkOptimize Your Website. Fill in the Blank forms will show you the most important places to use those keywords that your customers are searching for.
    checkmarkA/B Testing Find out what works and what doesn't. Record your progress, combine tests and see your webpages improve day by day.

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